Viral Pics: UK Man Who Has 90% Of His Body Covered With Tattoos Opens Up About His Professional Life Struggle

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 27, 2023

UK man identified as Matthew Whelan, popularly known as 'King of Body Art' due to his online presence, opened up and claimed recently that he was hidden by his boss due to his inked body.

Matthew, in his 40s, holds a record for being the most tattooed man in Britain. In 2016, he broke his self-record by putting as many as 36 artists ink his body at one time.

He felt that his body art affected his professional life making him face discrimination at workplace.

It was revealed that the UK man, who reportedly carries more than 300 tattoos, worked at a call centre but was allegedly hidden from the management because of his tattooed look.

"This appearance, this extreme alternative look can restrict people and has restricted me in the past, even when I've been in employment," he told the media.

Narrating his ordeal, he added, "I got shifted from one end of the office down to the bottom when the managers come up."

He is followed by thousands of people on social media, making him an internet sensation. He has a huge fan base on TikTok i.e. more than 16,000 followers. Meanwhile, on Instagram, he reaches out to nearly 7,300 people.

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