Viral: 'Black Alien' Roams On France Streets With Cool Sunglasses; Visuals Surface

By: Rahul M | June 13, 2024

A French man who is obsessed about transforming himself into a 'Black Alien' was spotted roaming on streets of France in his alien-like appearance.

The 'Black Alien' was seen taking stroll of the street in his tattooed look. Adding to his cool and casual attire, he flaunted his sunglasses.

During his day out, he also stopped by to sip some coffee. With his modified fingers, which he chopped off in his journey to become an alien, he held the coffee cup.

In his recent online posts, Anthony Loffredo, the man who is popular on the internet for his body modifications resembling an alien, suggested that he has 65% evolved into the his dream being.

To those who aren't aware of Anthony, let us tell you that he is on a project to become a 'Black Alien'.

In his attempt to make this possible, he has already chopped off his ears, split his tongue into two parts, removed some of his fingers and tattooed his eyeballs.

He often updates internet users about his reconstruction and process towards becoming an alien someday. He is viral for his bizarre goal and posts.

All photos from Instagram @the_black_alien_project

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