TikToker Who Has Tattoos All Over Her Body Gives Benefiting Reply To People Trolling Her For Viral Videos

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 11, 2023

A TikToker named Taylor Paige Courtenay has gone viral with her video where she addressed the concerns put forth by people about her tattoos she flaunted in her social media reels.

It was learned that netizens didn't vibe much with her body art and rather ridiculed it. However, this didn't go well Taylor.

When people slammed her and said the tattoos would look horrible on her when she got older, she asked them to zip their mouths by keeping such opinions to themselves.

The woman who hails from Australia captioned her reel to read: "The older generation: Your tattoos are not going to look good when you hit 60." "I wish they’d keep their opinions to themselves," she added.

The instance has caught the attention of the social media platform and has become a matter of discussion. Some appreciated her for not letting others influence her ways of expression and likes, while a few called that too rude.

One of the viewers replied to Taylor's statements and pointed out she personally regrets what she inked in her 20s. The comment read, "All of these tattoos don't necessarily reflect who I am at 36. They might have reflected a moment in time in my 20s, maybe a moment in time when I was not doing so well mentally, and they're there forever."

Meanwhile, another comment came in her support. "Sc*ew them. Got my first ink at 17 and now 15 years later got sleeves, chest and back piece. Love them and no regrets."

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