Japanese Man Who Spent More Than ₹10 Lakh To Become A Collie Reveals Other Dogs Don't Play With Him

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 01, 2023

Remember Toco? the Japanese man who 'transformed' himself into a collie opened up on how other dogs around him respond to him.

He reportedly spent more than ten lakh rupees to create a life-size dog costume and turn his dream of becoming an animal into reality.

However, did that come true? Despite attracting a fan base on social media and being greeted by people during public walks, Toco revealed that dogs don't really welcome him.

He pointed out recently that some dogs don't accept him in their gang. He said that dogs won't play with him.

Talking to the media, Toco said, "They seemed a little surprised and unfortunately, they did not treat me as an equal."

To the unversed, Toco shares reels and videos updating about his life and activities quite often online.

The human border collie has more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. Also, the fun-filled and adorable reels he posts online attract hundreds and thousands of views and go viral.

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