Italian Influencer Wanting To Be A 'Human Cat' Gets Nostalgic About Her Dreadlocks; Shares Pictures From Her 'Amazing' Look

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 05, 2023

Italian influencer who went viral for wanting to transform into a "human cat" posted images of her "amazing" look in which she was seen flaunting her dreadlocks.

Chiara Dell'Abate who refers to herself as a "modified doll" informed her fans and followers about getting the hairstyle she always dreamt of. She shared a piece of nostalgia on it.

At 12, uncombed and matted hair was on ticketed from her bucket list as he got her first permanent dreadlocks.

She revealed that the hairstyle fascinated her since her childhood and one of her friends assisted her in getting the dreadlocks done right.

"I have the dreadlocks I always dreamed of having since a young age," she said in her Instagram post while reflecting back to the old days.

The reason behind her recent post featuring the locs was meeting her friend after a decade, which made her remember how she got her hairstyle.

"I met Dreadmaker Roma when I was 12, he gave me my first permanent dreadlocks which I had to cut for various reasons. This summer we accidentally met after 10 years... Now thanks to him I have the dreadlocks I always dreamed of having since a young age," Abate wrote on Instagram.

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