GWR Day 2023: 7 Unusual World Records About Which You Didn't Know Before

By: Swarna Srikanth | November 15, 2023

You might be aware that there's a world record for the tallest person alive or the shortest one, but did you know that your pet dog can also set or break a Guinness World Record?

Here are some lesser-known categories of records that you'll find interesting. On GWR day i.e. November 16, 2023, check out some of the 'officially amazing' titles that will definitely blow your mind.

Animal lovers might be aware that there are several world records that can be set by their pets. One such was the case of Zeus, the world's tallest dog which measured a stunning 111.8 cm from foot to withers. At 5, the tallest dog ever which was a Great Dane passed away in 2014.


In case you love growing nails and maintaining them well, you'll find this GWR quite interesting. Christine Walton, a singer from the USA, has the GWR for the world’s longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female), measuring a combined length of 731.4 cm.


Another unusual record set on this planet is for the world's longest handmade wig which runs for 351.28 metres. Nigerian wigmaker Helen Williams holds the record after spending eleven days creating the extremely long wig.


Did you ever know that your much-loved marshmallow candies can help you get a world record? Two friends, Matthew Godfrey and Darcy Bennett, coined their names in the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving the farthest distance to hit a marshmallow into the mouth with a golf club. While one hit the candy into the air, the other made it to catch it in his mouth. And, that's how they did it.


This is surely making you nostalgic to some extent as it revolves around pencils that you used in school and rarely touched later. A US man named Aaron Bartholmey was officially awarded a GWR for his collection of 69,255 pencils.


Meanwhile, a man won the prestigious world record after completing a travel in the Delhi Metro services. An Indian man named Shashank Manu covered all metro stations within a span of 15 hours 22 minutes 49 seconds.


Another Guinness World Record that went viral leaving people stunned was that of Dmytro Hrunskyi from Ukraine who pulled six cars over a distance of 30 meters with his teeth. The activity was done within 15.63 seconds to win the record.


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