7 Atrangi Samosas That Went Viral & Made Netizens Say 'Oh No!'

By: Swarna Srikanth | September 04, 2023

We celebrate World Samosa Day on September 5. On this day, take a look at some unusual or 'atrangi' samosas that took the internet by storm.

Bhindi Samosa: A street vendor from Delhi's popular food street 'Chandni Chowk' was seen offering foodies samosa made of okra (bhindi). The dish received a big no from people on the internet who reacted saying "Kuch bhi."

Another Delhi-based outlet caught the attention of Instagram users for their samosas that were coloured blue and pink. The dishes were reportedly curated with jams of blueberries and strawberries, respectively, and received displeasure on the internet.

Chocolate Samosa: One of the weird food fusions that surfaced online showed netizens trying and sharing mixed reactions about the samosas filled with crushed chocolate and choco sauce. Would you give it a try?

After that comes a similar dish, the Chocolate Samosa Pav. It was also flavoured with loads of mayonnaise. An Instagram influencer and food blogger shared the clip featuring the quirky dish and captioned it to read, "Band karo ye bakwas (stop this nonsense)!"

Gulab Jamun Samosa: Of the many weird recipes of samosa that went viral, this one seems to be something you couldn't have missed. A food blogger who gave the dish a try couldn't resist the taste and had to keep his plate aside. Meanwhile, netizens couldn't digest the idea in itself which suggested stuffing the Indian dessert into a samosa. "Oh no," people said while reacting to it.

Biryani Samosa: Yes, you read that right. Something like that actually exists which is a combination of two much-loved delicacies. Biryani stuffed in a samosa, as you might have guessed by now was a dish that amused foodies in the recent past.

Remember the samosa that was engraved with words on the crust? Baked and served by Samosa Party in Bengaluru, the dish went viral for its quirky appearance covering the aloo filling. "Aloo," it read hinting at the samosa type. Similarly "noodle" was seen written on another.

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