6 Images Of Orry That Show Him 'Time Travelling'

By: Swarna Srikanth | November 29, 2023

Was it Orry throwing the apple on Newton's head instead of the fruit falling at the physicist directly from the tree, or standing next to the G.O.A.T comedian Charlie Chaplin to make him laugh with the 'liver' comment?

AI-generated images of Orry a.k.a Orhan Awatramani have surfaced online which show posing with prominent personalities from world history - from Mahatma Gandhi to Abraham Lincoln.

Take a look at these visuals that will give you a sense of Orry time travelling into the past.

Of the few images given by AI showed Orry posing with Indian freedom fighter Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, fondly called Mahatma Gandhi.


The next picture showed him taking inspiration from remarkable poet Rabindranath Tagore.


Impressively, Orry also managed to get a photograph with the much-loved comic actor Charlie Chaplin.


AI took a hilarious turn when it imagined Orry and Sir Isaac Newton in one frame. The picture says it all!


The technology also helped Orry stand next to Abraham Lincoln, the former US President who coined one of the popular definitions of democracy.


While most pictures created with the help of artificial intelligence were an alleged throwback, one captured the internet personality spending some time with an alien.


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