When Does New Islamic Year Begin? All You Need To Know About 'Muharram'

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 19, 2023

A blessed new year (Amun Jadid) begins for Muslims this Wednesday, July 19.

The first Islamic month is 'Muharram.'

The month is considered one of the holiest after Ramadan.

The tenth day of Muharram is known as Ashura., and the sixteenth 'Sunnah Day' which fall on July 28 and August 4, respectively.

The entire month is auspicious and aims at more focus on spiritual activities.

Devotees pray to Allah, read the holy Quran, visit mosques for group Namaaz, and even donate religiously to seek blessings and forgiveness from the Divine.

May you have a blessed Muharram.

Muharram Mubarak!

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