Hayagriva Jayanti 2023: Date, Significance & All You Need To Know

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 30, 2023

Lord Hayagriva is one of the lesser-known incarnations of Lord Vishnu. His appearance comes with the body of a human being and a horse's head. He is said to be like a 'spatika (a crystal).'

The day he was born to protect the Vedas from being stolen by the demons and restore them to Brahma is observed as Hayagriva Jayanti.

The full moon day of the Sawan month is dedicated to the Lord. This year, the auspicious day of Hayagriva Jayanti falls on August 31.

On Hayagriva Jayanti, the Vedas are also worshipped. Brahmins perform special puja to mark the sacred day.

His deity where he sits along with his consort Laxmi Devi is present in most Lord Vishnu temples.

Lord Hayagriva is said to be the God of knowledge and wisdom. Blessings of the Lord grant devotees with success in their education and careers.

Pray to Him: Gnanaanda mayam devam nirmala spatikakruthim, Aadharam sarva vidhyanam Haya greevam upasmahe. (The verse offers salutations to Lord Hayagriva and praises him for his divine and enchanting qualities and attributes.)

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