Feast of Saint Lucy: Date, Significance, Wishes & Everything You Need To Mark The Occasion

By: Rahul M | December 12, 2023

Feast of Saint Lucy falls on the 13th of December every year. In 2023, the occasion will be celebrated on the second Wednesday of the month.

She is worshipped as the patron saint of the visually challenged and eye disorders. People mainly pray to her as the bringer of light.

The Feast day of St Lucia or Lucy takes place in the season of Advent and in winter where she is believed to bring light in the darkness.


She is depicted holding the palm branch, a symbol of victory over evil.

She happens to be a sixth-century saint who is remembered in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches.

The saint is also known for her predictions and miracles. She is called as both a virgin and a martyr.

On her Feast day, we wish all Christians a very happy Feast. May St Lucy bless you with good health and bring light to your life. Amen.

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