AI Images Of How Lord Krishna's Dwarka Looked Like 9000 Years Ago Go Viral

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 29, 2023

A visual artist named Priyanku Sarmah asked an AI tool to generate images of how Dwarka looked some thousands of years ago and the results that surfaced have impressed viewers. Swipe to see how Lord Krishna's kingdom probably looked like 9000 years ago.

Mesmerising flower gardens enhanced the beauty of the place.

Lotus bloomed to be offered to Lord Krishna's lotus feet.

Devotees were happily seated under the trees purportedly listening to Krishna Katha.

Women walked with flower garlands around their neck as seen in the AI-generated image showing a market area in then-Dwarka.

Men also carried flower garlands, mainly comprising of marigolds - both yellow and orange in colour.

Young girls were seen decorating themselves with flowers and heavy ornaments. They also carried flowers in their hands to offer them to Dwarkadhish.

These images that the AI generated also hinted at how adorable Krishna Bhagwan and Radha Rani would look if they appeared on the streets of the Gujarat city to offer 'darshan' to their beloved devotees.

Jai Radhe Krishna! Jai Dwarkadhish!

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