From Lord Shiva To Rama; Artist Creates AI Images Of Hindu Gods With Elements From The Universe

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 17, 2023

Lord Vishnu is 'the preserver' within the trimurti who creates, protects, and transforms the universe accordig to Hinduism

All picture courtesy: Wild.trance

Lord Shiva is 'the destroyer' of the universe within the trimurti in order to re-create it

Lord Brahma also known as 'the Creator' within the Trimurti is associated with creation, knowledge, and the Vedas

Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. He is the god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love

Lord Rama is the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, who is considered a maryada purushottama or the best of upholders of Dharma

Lord Ganesha also known as Vignahartha is the remover of obstacles

Lord Kalki is the final incarnation of Vishnu who appears in order to end the Kali Yuga, one of the four periods in the endless cycle of existence (Krita) in Vaishnava cosmology

Lord Hanuman is a Hindu god and a divine companion of the Lord Rama

Yamraj is the Hindu god of death and justice, responsible for the dispensation of law and punishment of sinners

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