6 Lord Murugan Names To Chant During Daily Prayers

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 25, 2023

Tamil God Murugan, known in other parts of India as "Karthik Bhagwaan" is worshipped by devotees every day for a peaceful and successful life.


Here are six names that everyone can learn, memorise, and chant during daily prayers for the Lord who is also known as "Shanmukha." Be it kids or beginners in the spiritual path, one must try chanting these easily recitable names of the Lord.

"Om Skandaya Namaha" (Skanda is the name of Lord Murugan which is rooted in spiritual texts. It calls Him as the "Vanquisher of the mighty foes").

"Om Shanmukhaya Namaha" (The name address the Murugan Perumal as the Lord having six faces) .

"Om Umasutaaya Namaha" (The name refers to the Lord as the son of Uma or Parvati Devi).


"Om Kumaraaya Namah" (In this name, the Lord is glorified on being ageless and forever young. The word 'Kumara' means the eternal youth).

"Om Kaivalyaya Namaha" (As the Lord is a giver and fulfiller of wishes of the devotees, even liberation or eternal bliss which is free from attachment, he is referred to as the "Everlasting joy of attainment").

"Om Subrahmanyaya Namaha" (This name, meaning "Effulgent Radiance" happens to be one of the popular names of Lord Murugan) .


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