Top 8 Bakeries In Pune For Christmas & New Year's Cakes

By: Aakash Singh | December 23, 2023

When in Pune, Marz-o-Rin is an absolute must-visit. Their array of delicious fruit cakes and plum cakes are simply irresistible


Kayani Bakery needs no introduction. Renowned for its delectable mawa cakes and irresistible Shrewsbury biscuits, it's a haven for indulgence


Frosted cakes, loaf cakes, and mousse cakes at the French Window in Koregaon Park are an absolute must-try


Imperial Bakery is renowned for its rich plum cakes, boasting the sweet essence of plum and authentic Christmas flavours


At Viman Nagar, Royal Baking Co. is a delightful small dessert café offering delectable pastries and cakes that are worth indulging in


The Boozy Christmas Cake at Good Butter in Balewadi is an absolute must-try, packed with cranberries, prunes, raisins, and candied orange peel


Richie's Cake Shop offers a delightful Christmas Plum Cake packed with sultanas, cashews, and almonds, creating an incredibly delicious treat


During the holidays, La Bouchée d'Or shines with their traditional French pastries, including a wide range of treats like pastries, tarts, macarons, cookies, and cakes


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