PHOTOS: Massive Fire Erupts At Paint Factory Near Khed Shivapur In Pune, Crores Worth Of Materials Destroyed

By: Aakash Singh | March 27, 2024

A massive fire erupted at a paint factory in Ranje village near Khed Shivapur, located approximately 25km from Pune city, on Wednesday

Promptly responding to the incident, personnel from the PMRDA fire brigade rushed to the scene

The fire brigade team acted swiftly to contain the fire, preventing its further spread and averting potential threats

Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries or fatalities resulting from the blaze

According to a local resident, the fire has caused damage estimated at around ₹1 to 2 crore worth of material

The incident underscores the importance of efficient emergency response measures in mitigating the impact of such disasters on both property and lives

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