Explore 5 Historical Temples In Nashik: From Kalaram Mandir To Dutondya Maruti (IN PICTURES)

By: Prashant Nikale | June 13, 2024

Located in the Panchvati area of Nashik, Kalaram Mandir is a significant temple dedicated to Lord Ram. Situated 3 km from the Central Bus Station, the temple is easily accessible by city buses and auto-rickshaws


Legend has it that the temple stands where Lord Ram lived during his exile. Built in 1782 by Sardar Rangrao Odhekar, the construction lasted for 12 years and involved 2,000 workers daily


The Ramnavami festival, celebrated in Chaitra (March-April), is a major event here

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Located on the banks of the Godavari River in Nashik, Dutondya Maruti is a striking idol of Lord Hanuman near the famous Ramkund

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Known for its unique feature of having two faces, the saffron-coloured idol is more than just a religious symbol; it also serves as a water indicator


The water level or flood level of the Godavari River is measured by the part of the Dutondya Maruti that it touches


Built in 1747 by Naroshankar Rajebahadur, a commander of the Maratha Empire, the Naroshankar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Ram

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Situated in Panchavati, a holy site linked to the epic Ramayana, the temple stands on the banks of the Godavari River


This rare and beautiful 18th-century temple, constructed in the Maya architectural style, also features a significant bell


When the water level of the Godavari touches this bell, it signals a mega flood. Interestingly, the bell also inspired the logo of the Nashik Municipal Corporation


Located on Goda Ghat, the Shree Yashwantrao Maharaj Sadhu Dev Mamledar Temple is a notable tourist attraction due to its vibrant red-golden structure that immediately catches the eye

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Perched atop a hill, the Nilkantheshwar Temple offers a unique opportunity to view depictions of various gods and stories from the epics

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The main temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, stands out with its traditional architecture amidst modern surroundings


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