8 Haunted Places In Pune, Based On Local Tales (PHOTOS)

By: Aakash Singh | April 25, 2024

Legend has it that Shaniwar Wada is haunted by the ghost of Narayan Rao Peshwa, the young prince who met a tragic end. Many claim that his cries of 'Kaka Mala Vachava' can still be heard on every full moon night

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Victory Theatre, one of the city's oldest cinema halls, carries a haunted reputation. From theatre staff to passersby in its vicinity at night, reports abound of eerie phenomena. Strange sounds, unexplained seat movements, and high-pitched giggles have all been reported within the theatre's premises


Reportedly, a school bus carrying 60 children fell off a cliff near the Sinhagad fort, and it is believed that the spirits of these children haunt the premises of the fort. Additionally, villagers residing near the fort claim to hear the loud war cries of soldiers who died while fighting with the enemies


The Kirkee War Cemetery, where soldiers of World War I and World War II rest, is a picturesque spot that photographers often frequent. However, as night falls, abnormal activities have been reported. Passersby have heard marching footsteps and felt stones thrown at them. Some have even experienced the eerie sensation of someone walking beside them


Constructed during the 1800s by Madhavrao Peshwa, the Holkar Bridge appears like any other bridge. However, local lore tells a different tale. It is said that evil spirits from the nearby cemetery often roam here, seeking blood and vengeance. These eerie sightings on the bridge have been attributed to many accidents over the years


The road leading to Symbiosis University in Viman Nagar has gained notoriety for paranormal activity after nightfall. Locals say that individuals have experienced fainting spells, encountered malfunctions with their mobile phones, and witnessed dogs barking uncontrollably on full-moon nights


Legend has it that Chandan Nagar is home to the restless spirit of a young girl who tragically lost her life after falling from a height at a construction site. Some individuals claim to have seen her clad in a white dress, cradling her doll. When approached, she is said to smile but never responds to questions


Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School in Kondhwa is surrounded by numerous ghostly tales. On one occasion, students claimed to have witnessed a ghost emerging from a blackboard, causing widespread panic and prompting the evacuation of the school. In another incident, students discovered the ominous message 'You will die soon' scrawled across their notebooks


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