World Vegan Day 2022: Bollywood celebs who turned vegan

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 31, 2022

World Vegan Day is observed on November 1 every year to advocate the benefits of avoiding and banning the consumption of animal products, extending love and care to other species and the environment in general. Here's a look at some Bollywood celebrities who turned vegan...

Alia Bhatt turned vegan in 2020. She even opted for an all-vegan menu for her baby shower

Kangana Ranaut turned vegan for ethical and environmental reasons. Firstly, she was first a fervent non-vegetarian, then a vegetarian, and now finally a vegan

One of the fittest actresses, Jacqueline Fernandez, constantly promotes eating natural, organic, and clean food. She became vegan because she loved animals and organic food. She no longer consumes any dairy products or meat in her diet

Aamir Khan turned vegan after his former wife Kiran Rao showed him a video that depicted diseases caused by non-vegetarian food. They both switched to this lifestyle at the same time

R Madhavan has been a passionate vegan for years and has consistently shown support for animal rights and preservation throughout his career

John Abraham follows a vegan diet and he is proof that you can build the most amazing muscles without eating eggs, meat or diary

In 2019, Shraddha Kapoor turned vegan. The actress is a part of a few Environmental Protection NGOs and has stood for the causes of protecting nature and animals

Sonam Kapoor first turned vegetarian then vegan due to her lactose intolerance

Sonakshi Sinha has a deep love for animals, which is why she decided to become vegan. She is contributing to the cause of ending animal cruelty

Esha Gupta is popularly known for her films 'Jannat 2' and 'Raaz 3'. The actor follows a vegan diet and has endorsed various campaigns over time with PETA to encourage a plant-based lifestyle

Bollywood couple Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh started their journey of veganism in 2019. They even launched a plant-based company named 'Imagine Meats'

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