The Lotus Emira: Not Just Another Sports Car

By: G R Mukesh | June 01, 2024

Its unique styling, class-leading driving dynamics, and improved comfort for daily use, the Lotus Emira redefines the sports car.

Downforce rises in tandem with your increased speed.

With its ergonomic design and precisely weighted instruments that make every action incredibly intuitive, the cockpit puts you in control.

Daily commutes are exhilaratingly engaging thanks to the svelte cab-forward stance, which is complemented with high-end comfort features to fit your lifestyle.

The Emirates' superior engineering achievements allow it to maintain grip and agility on even the trickiest roads.

Turn on track mode to maximize engine output, deactivate driver assistance, and unleash an exhilarating drive, inspired by the race-ready Emira GT4.

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