The EV Dragon: Chinese Carmaker DFM's Seres 3 SUV

By: G R Mukesh | May 28, 2024

One of the rising stars of the EV market, DFM's Seres 3 looks to take on Tesla and Volkswagen in the European market.

This sustainable SUV comes with a 51 kWh useable battery.

With the efficiency of 196 Wh/km, the DFM car gives a range of 260 km.

The front wheel drive has the top speed of 155 kmph. The car's engine can give a top performance of 120 kW and produces a torque of 300 Nm.

This car comes in four different shades, namely, Red, Blue, White and Black.

The DFM Seres 3 takes on the likes of the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID 4.

The DFM Seres 3 SUV is estimated to be worth Rs 35 lakh.

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