Swara Bhasker Birthday: 10 quotes from the actress that prove she owns her voice

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 09, 2023

Actress Swara Bhasker has always been vocal about her opinions and has fearlessly spoken her mind

on her 35th birthday, let's have a look at 10 quotes that shows her confident and 'unapologetic' personality

I am an extremely laidback person when it comes to 'looking hot.'

Being unapologetic about my body, my sexuality, my life's decisions is a political belief that, as a feminist, I strongly espouse

Indian women inherit this collective cultural unconscious - this sense of guilt, shame, and dishonour. I think Indian girls need to become shameless and a little selfish, too.

I never saw myself as a character actor or a lead actor; I've only seen myself as just an actor

I've been propositioned by men who were in a position to cast me. I lost a few roles because I didn't give in

In India, we are parented in a way that we get very good values. But the whole culture forgets to tell us to also value ourselves. It's really OK sometimes to take into consideration your own happiness

There have been instances when people have told me that I look too intelligent to be an actress

I'm an actor, and I don't judge my parts

I have had to answer questions like, 'But you don't look like lead material.' Now, I still don't know what 'lead material' looks like because everyone has eyes, a nose, and a face

Bottom line is, off-beat film or commercial films, Tollywood or Bollywood, it's the role that matters to me

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