Overeating Can Lead To Serious Gut Issues. 7 Tips To Avoid Eating More

By: Rahul M | May 23, 2024

Overeating can not only lead to weight gain but also lead to serious gut and digestion issues. Here are ways to avoid overeating.

Overeating can happen due to various reasons. Being distracted from food, being distracted by thoughts and anxiety, frustration over life and work etc.

To begin with, start by not filling your plate with everything that is available on the table. Take a plate that is smaller in size and eat one food item at a time instead of filling it up. Sometimes, you end up eating more because you don't wish to waste the food in your plate.

If you are distracted while you are eating food, you tend to eat more because you are unaware of how much you have already consumed and you keep wanting more. Avoid using gadgets during meals and focus on the food you eat.

Know your capacity. When you are extremely hungry, you think you could finish an entire pizza all by yourself. But in reality, you get full within a few slices. Try sharing you food with with colleagues and friends or try eating eating foods you know you'll finish in time.

Another tip to avoid overeating could be consuming more salads before your meals. When you eat more salads, it will not only give you more fibre in less calories but also make you full.

Lastly, use the portion control method where you divide your plate into four parts of carbs, protein, fats and fibres. This way, you wont end up overeating because you will already feel full without having eaten more calories.

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