Navratri 2024: Best Places To Relish Falhari Sabudana Khichdi In Indore

By: Harshita Rawat | April 13, 2024

Indulge in the flavors of Navratri with these top spots for famous falhari khichdi in Indore, listed below

1. Enjoy tasty and pocket-friendly sabudana khichdi at Sawariya Fariyali Center in Vijay Nagar's Scheme no. 54

2. At Ravi Alpahar, situated in Anand Bazar, relish a sweet and spicy sabudana khichdi, perfect for fasting days

3. Jain Mishthan Bhandaar (JMB) in Indore serves one of the tastiest sabudana khichdi, topped with pomegranate

4. Anantanand Alpahar Gruh located on Jail Road, offers mind-blowing Sabudana Khichdi. You wouldn't want to wait for a fast to try this!

5. You can find a sabudana khichdi thela near Ganesh Mandir in Chanakya Puri Square, offering budget-friendly options for Navratri

6. Beside Top n Town, opposite DAVV, enjoy delicious and affordable sabudana khichdi served with yogurt, perfect for fasting days and filling your tummy

Why settle for boring meals when you can enjoy a divine feast this Navratri? Dive into every mouthwatering bite and let your taste buds celebrate in joy!

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