Mumbai: 7 amusing struggles that women travelling in locals would relate to

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 07, 2023

Sweaty armpits: While you struggle to get a seat in women local compartment and are standing in a crowded local train; you may have to bear with the bad body odour but remember 'Time flies'

Air-slapped by the fellow women passengers' hair and thus the, famous local train dialogue, "Aapka baal aage lo na"

Aunty with multiple bags: holding them tightly when she occupies her seat making the neighbouring passenger uncomfortable

Standing women passenger's asking all fellow passenger "Where you will get down?" and thinking, "Kon kon kon?" so that they occupy seat. Even that means waking the sleeping passenger when they are enjoying a quick nap

A girl who fights loudly on the phone with her boyfriend disturbing already tired women co-passenger

A girl with high heels stepping on other woman's feet

You never know what small thing may piss already frustrated aunties and they begin fighting with you

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