Mercedes' VISION EQXX: Sustainable Luxurious Electric Supercar

By: Vikrant Durgale | May 27, 2024

more than 1,000 kilometers(620 miles) of practical electric range on a single charge with energy usage of under 10 kWh per 100 kilometers

The one-piece display, which is both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient, facilitates intuitive interaction and fosters an increasingly seamless relationship.

The UI graphics are enhanced to a whole new degree of digital luxury by a game engine.

Beyond its remarkable accomplishments with its state-of-the-art drivetrain, 0.17 drag coefficient, and ultra - light weight bionic structure

The first sustainable materials are being migrated from the research vehicle to the series production model by Benz.

With sustainable materials like cactus and mushroom roots, which can be used to create animal-free leather substitutes, the VISION EQXX provides a path toward tangible luxury.

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