L’Ultime: Bugatti Bids Adieu To Chiron And W16

By: Juviraj Anchil | May 31, 2024

This sea in the ocean of blue marks the end of the legendary Bugatti Chiron

In service since 2016, the last of the limted 500 units was carved out by craftspersons in France's Molsheim.

According to Bugatti this embellishes the end of a car that was the first 1,500 PS roadgoing car.

Not only Chiron this movement of speed will also bid adieu to the famed W16 engine.

This final farwell was put together through a medium of art called ‘L’Ultime’.

The legendary Chiron was one of the first to meet the wind and clock the 300 Mph or 482 Kmph mark.

With this masterpiece the French carmaker and the world of luxury sports cars bids farewell to an Era to welcome a new one.

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