Kokum Recipes For Summer: 7 Ways To Add This Healthy Fruit In Your Diet

By: Rahul M | May 11, 2024

Kokum is a tangy and healthy fruit for summer. Make delicious Kokum Sharbat to have a cool and refreshing day.

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Use Kokum in your fish curry or vegetable stew to get a flavourful and tangy taste.

One of the best fruit to use in your salad dressing. Adding Kokum to your salads will make an amazing summer meal.

The Kokum and Lemon Mocktail is perfect for your hot days. Make it by using lemon juice, soaked kokum, mint, ginger, salt, sugar, sparkling water and juice.

Kokum-infused water is the best way to embrace its benefits for your body. Soak dried kokum in water overnight and consume it the next morning.

Kokum chutney is the best to pair with your summer meals. It will give you a tangy and rich flavour.

Sol Kadi is a cool and refreshing pink drink perfect for the hot season. It is made using roasted garlic, coconut milk and kokum.

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Benefits Of Consuming Kokum

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