International Women's Day: 10 Subtle-Gender Biases Almost Every Woman Faces Even In Today's 'Modern' Society

By: Kajal Kumari | March 08, 2024

Happy Women's Day to all those amazing and graceful women residing inside a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a grand-mother! Kudos...slowly and steadily, world is trying to become a better place for women.

But! Can we confirm that the traces of inequality or patriarchy has all been vanished? Don't women still experience subtle-biases or dominance in day-to-day life or even their life's big decisions? Do you still have complaints and questions like....

1. Why marriage is still considered as a validation for women in society? Is it wrong if a woman chooses to live independently?

2. Why should only women leave their parents after marriage?

3. Can we please normalize women not wanting to have babies? At least until they are actually ready!

4. When it comes to jobs, why field jobs are considered 'UNSAFE' for women? Isn't it more of a society's short-coming?

5. Also, why only a woman is judged by the way she looks and how she cooks and not a man?

6. Drinking and smoking is termed 'cool' for men, but 'Characterless’ for women? WHYYY?

7. Let’s stop glorifying women sacrifice! Let’s stop demanding more from them in the name of love. Let’s stop confining them to kitchens because there is nothing like— ‘Maa k haath ka khana’!

8. When women's 'Late Night Party' would not be a fear for our families?? Why is there no curfew for men?

9. To all our neighbour aunties asking ‘Who is he?’— yes the boy dropping us home is our friend. Though, we don’t mind boyfriends!

10. Last, but not the least— Why do only women have to go through menstrual cramps? Why God Why! Lol!

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