International Mother Language Day 2023: 7 Indian language books that are a must read

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 21, 2023

Marathi- Battlefield by Vishram Bedekar, translated by Jerry Pinto: The characters in this novel occupy tormented bodies scarred by experiences and learns well to respond to personal losses

Bengali- Hawa Hawa and Other Stories by Nabarun Bhattacharya, translated by Subha Prasad Sanyal: It is a blistering and unforgiving portrait of the stenches, sounds, and sights of Calcutta. It reminds readers to peer beneath the surface, even if for a moment

Telugu- Here I Am and Other Stories by P Satyavathi and translated by various translators: The area of reflection in these stories is violence against women and the subject matter compels you to think even after you have put the book away

Odia- Battles of Our Own by Jagadish Mohanty, translated by Himansu S Mohapatra and Paul St-Pierre: is about the politics of unionising and the ways they get complicated by people re-unionising

Malayalam- Alpha by TD Ramakrishnan and translated by Priya K Nair: raises many questions about the nature and purpose of language. The men and women on Alpha give up language. They communicate through gestures, and by glances

Kashmiri: The Greatest Kashmiri Stories Ever Told, selected and translated by Neerja Mattoo: is a testament to the ability of Kashmiris to tell their own stories in their language

Gujarati- The Greatest Gujarati Stories Ever Told, selected and edited by Rita Kothari: It will provide a jigsaw puzzle answer with a constantly shifting picture

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