In Pics: All the looks of Mickey Mouse over the years

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 17, 2022

Mickey Mouse first appeared in the short film 'Steamboat Willy' on November 18, 1928. Since then fans officially recognize November 18 as Mickey's birthday. So let's take a look at his journey over the years

Mickey Mouse first debuted in 1928. In the original Mickey design, he does not wear gloves or shoes. His eyes also appear to take up half of his face

A lot of changes took place in the next three years till 1932. From his eye shape to the incorporation of gloves Mickey's design was never constant

Mickey appeared in color for the first time in 1932

In 1935 we see Mickey in his standard outfit, however, his gloves are yellow. Till 1939 with a series of changes we can see that he has a more vibrant-looking flesh-tone-colored face

From 1940 to 1983 Mickey's changes include the change in his shoe color, his nose placement and the removal of his eyebrows

From 1995 to 2004 we see his height returning to a shorter stature and his eyes appearing to be smaller in size with his larger black pupils

In 2006 we see his ears are perfectly round again and the buttons on his shorts are round again. In 2013 he has a noticeably skinnier body, and his face is white

In 2017 we see Mickey reverts to his 2006 design but with a couple of different outfits

His latest movie in 2022 'Mickey: The Story of a Mouse' where his journey from the start is reflected we can see that his complexion has again turned white

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