Holi 2024: Ujjain's Famous Bhang Will Literally Blow Your Mind; All You Need To Know

By: Harshita Maheshwari | March 24, 2024

Want to make your Holi celebration thrilling, add some 'Bhang' to it. (An edible product from the Indian subcontinent, bhang is prepared from the leaves of the cannabis plant.)

Wondering where to find the best bhang drinks? What's better than Mahakal Nagri Ujjain!

Ujjain's most famous Shree Mahakaleshwar Bhang Gota Shop located on Mahakal marg is a 60+ years old shop preparing thandai using traditional methods.

A range of bhang-based goods, such as sweets, drinks, and snacks, are available at the Shree Mahakaleshwar Bhang Gota Shop, making it one of the best spots for Bhang in Madhya Pradesh.

The age-old recipe behind the delicacy: 1. The bhang is prepared in a traditional way by tying white cloth 'Ganna' on the bucket which acts as a filter.

2. Milk, Bhang, cashew, dry fruits, cardamom and saffron is mixed and filtered through the cloth.

3. Later, the filtered dough is mixed with milk and poured into tall glasses.

So, if you are in Ujjain, must relish Bhang and make your celebration more thrilling!

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