From angry bird to lion king and astronauts: Hand-painted cakes that you can take cue from for your next celebration

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 28, 2022

3D hand-painted cakes by Vanilla Miel are hand-sculpted or cut with Belgian couverture chocolate and meticulously hand-painted

These cakes are priced at INR 2000 upwards

All customised, hand-painted cakes require at least a four-day lead period time

You can share a theme or a particular memory you'd like to recreate, which will then be translated onto the cake for the birthday, anniversary and so on.

3-D Monogram cakes are also made where the recipient’s initials or age are highlighted in a monogram

The monogram itself is cut or hand-painted with florals or more personalized elements entirely based on the celebration

Hand Painted Human Portraits cakes aim to capturing an expression of a human being

Hand Painted Direct cakes usually include quirky concepts like cities & even landscapes

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