Ford's 'Return Gift': Auto-Giant Mustang Mach-E In India

By: Juviraj Anchil | February 19, 2024

The American manufacturer is also preparing to launch its inaugural electric vehicle in India, the Mustang Mach-E.


While Ford has not disclosed a specific timeline for the debut of the Mustang Mach-E in India, this would mark the introduction of the first Ford electric vehicle in the country.

The interior showcases subtle distinctions from the Mach-E GT, incorporating exclusive elements such as white accents throughout the cabin to complement the wheels.


The styling and design of the Mach-E Rally drew inspiration, in part, from the iconic Ford Focus RS hot-hatch, notably the rear spoiler.

The standard RWD has an output of 262bhp and 430Nm and the 306bhp and 580Nm for the AWD. On the other hand, the extended version’s RWD churns out 286bhp and 430Nm and 346bhp and 580Nm for the AWD.

The Tesla's Model Y and Korean manufacturer Kia's EV6 are its close competitors.

The model from the legacy carmaker is estimated to be price at around Rs 70 Lakh (ex-showroom)

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