Electric Bliss: Hyundai Inster Sub-Compact EV Introduced In Busan

By: Juviraj Anchil | June 27, 2024

The all new sub-compact EV, Hyundai Inster is inspired by the Hyundai Casper.

The futuristic vehicle was introduced at the 2024 Busan International Mobility Show.

This electric vehicle will be offered in two battery packs; a 42 kWh unit and a 49 kWh unit.

The 49 kWh unit can produce an output of 84.5 kW and torque of 147 Nm.

The car has a Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure range of 355 km.

The Inster car battery can attain 80% charge in just 30 minutes.

The Hyundai Inster has a top speed of 140 kmph and can scale the speed of 0-100 kmph in 10.6 seconds. The price of the vehicle is yet to be declared.

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