Dare To Be Electric: Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica

By: Vikrant Durgale | May 17, 2024

Drive in elegance with the Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica, a vehicle that combines innovation and unwavering passion with sporty appeal.

Each wheel option has a distinct personality that embodies a modern interpretation of Alfa Romeo's illustrious history.

The Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica's interior, which was designed with the driver in mind, seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with upscale materials and ergonomic design.

Because of its numerous charging options, charging the electric Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica is both efficient and convenient.

The Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica's center console, which emphasizes the driver's central position within the interior layout, is an embodiment of ergonomic design principles.

A sturdy yet lightweight 54-kWh battery powers the Alfa Romeo Junior Elettrica, giving it a 410 km WLTP combined range.

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