Bizarre! Not Spiderman, Meet 'The Lizardman' From Austin Whose Body Modifications Will Shock You

By: Rahul M | July 02, 2024

You might know about Spiderman and Aquaman, but ever heard of The Lizardman?

All photos from Instagram @thelizardman23

Said to be a performing artist from Austin, Erik Sprague aka 'The Lizardman' is an internet sensation with more than 13,400 followers on Instagram.

His strange appearance, claimed to resemble a lizard, makes him popular online.

Erik believes to have transformed himself into the reptile through his extensive body modifications and tattoo art.

The man has slit his tongue, gotten implants inserted into his forehead, and created 'reptile scale' stattoo all over his body along with more body modifications.

In a recent interview, he opened up on the horrifying details about body modification procedures.

The man pointed out that he went through the procedure without sedation or anesthesia.

But he didn't 'suffer' the pain. Erik said, "I vomited and hallucinated as a result of pain. You have got to suffer for your art."

"I could taste and smell my own burning tongue as the laser went through it," he said while speaking to the media.

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