7 Vegetables To Grow This Monsoon In Your Home Garden

By: Rahul M | June 21, 2024

Monsoon is here, which means it's time to grow some fresh vegetables in your home garden and enjoy it for your meal. Tomatoes are a staple in the kitchen, and you must grow them this rainy season.

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This easy-to-grow plant should be in your garden. Cucumber loves water and sun, which is ideal for growing them in monsoon. Enjoy it as a fresh salad with your meals.

Monsoon is the best time to grow green chillies. Indian food is complete without chillies, add spice to your meal by growing them in your garden.

If you love lady fingers, then you must grow them in your house for the season. It is rich in vitamin A and low in calories, beneficial for good health.

Radish is an easy-to-grow root vegetable you can plant during rainy days. In India, it's ideal to grow during August.

Leafy vegetables are most suitable to be grown during the monsoon. Rich in healthy nutrients, Spinach is ideal for your home garden.

You can successfully grow beans in your balcony garden. It is a versatile vegetable to grow during the monsoon.

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