7 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer You Should Not Ignore

By: Amisha Shirgave | June 28, 2024

Breast Cancer is one of the most common type of cancer that affects women all over the world. Breast cancer happens when cancerous cells in your breast grow into tumors. Know symptoms that direct to breast cancer. The earlier you get yourself diagnosed, the faster you will recover.

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If you see a change in the size or shape of your breast, it is better to get yourself checked.

Check the area around your breast and arm for lumps. Conduct self-examination of breasts. Most lumps are not cancerous but it is better to be safe and get it medically checked.

Change in the feel of your breast or nipple can also be a sign of breast cancer. Your breast skin might look inflammed, dimpled or scaly.

Another symptom of breast cancer can feel like a hardened area under or around your breast. It will feel like an internal blood knot.

The most important sign and the one that you should not ignore is when you see discharge from your nipples or blood stains coming out of your nipples.

Women usually tend to ignore symptoms until it reaches a dangerous stage. Keep self-examining and regularly conducting health checkups to prevent any danger. Leading a healthy lifestyle is always the solution to avoid health risks.

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