Quick And Nutritious Breakfast Ideas For Working Professional

By: Rahul M | June 28, 2024

In the daily humdrum of life, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, let alone cook your own meals. Here are some easy breakfast ideas to kick start your day with. Besan Chila is an easy recipe, takes only minutes to prepare and is highly nutritious if you add more veggies to it.

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Replacing Sooji (Rava) with oats in upma can make it a low calories and highly nutritious breakfast option.

Eggs and Toast will always remain classic, time saving and a nutritious breakfast to have.

Instead of buying granola from the market which has preservatives in it, you can make your own granola in spare time and have it for breakfast. It truly is a quick option.

A protein and fibre packed breakfast is this Spinach Omlette. It is easy to prepare and super nutritious.

Quick br3eakfast smoothies can include some greens, fruits, nuts and some healthy fats, making it a perfect go to breakfast option. You can even carry your smoothies to work on days you are running late.

Protein bars are the safest breakfast option when you are in no mood to cook but also wish to eat a healthy breakfast.

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