7 Popular Sandwich Joints In Mumbai To Try This Monsoon

By: Rahul M | July 03, 2024

Apart from the iconic Vada Pav, Mumbai is also popular for some of the best sandwiches. Here are seven must-visit sandwich joints in your town.


As the name suggests, "Popular Sandwich" is one of the well-known sandwich joints located in Lower Parel. They serve piping hot sandwiches, pizzas and garlic bread.

Popular Sandwich | Instagram

Located in the heart of Mumbai, "Akkad Bakkad Bombay Boo" has multiple outlets around the city. They serve some innovative and flavourful sandwiches, and you cannot miss their veg cheese blast.

Akkad Bakkad Bombay Boo | Instagram

"Right Place" is the right place for you to take away some of the best sandwiches in Mumbai. Located in Breach Candy, they offer several comforting sandwiches.

Thesidewalkeatery | Instagram

"Lucky Sandwich" is one of the popular street food stalls in Vile Parle. Serving sandwiches for 25 years now, they offer fresh and delicious bites on the streets.

Mumbaifoodicious | Instagram

"Sandwizza", which was formerly called Swastika, is a famous sandwich eatery spot. Having multiple outlets across the town, they offer sandwiches on the street with a top-notch hygiene setup.

Iameverhungry | Instagram

Last on the list is "Jay Sandwich". Located near the National College in Bandra (W), it is a must-visit spot for mouth-watering sandwiches.

Muncymumbai | Instagram

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