7 Easy Curd Dishes To Beat The Heat This Summer

By: Rahul M | May 01, 2024

One of the famous South Indian dishes, Curd Rice, can be your comfort meal for the summer. It's easy to make by mixing cooked rice with curd and other ingredients according to your choice.

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Buttermilk or Chaach is a healthier and cool drink for summer. From hydrating in the heatwave to improving your digestion, it has many benefits for your body.

Cucumber raita is a healthier and fresh side dish you can pair with your meal for the hot weather. Mix diced cucumber in a bowl with curd, add salt and masala and enjoy.

One of the popular summer drinks, Lassi is a sweet and creamy beverage option you must have during the hot season. You can explore a variety of flavours like mango lassi, kesar lassi and much more.

One of the easy snack dishes to try with your leftover idli, Dahi Idli, can be made easily by soaking idli in beaten curd and seasoning with salt and chaat masala.

Dahi Boondi raita is another side dish you can have with your meal. It's easy to make by mixing boondi in beaten curd and adding salt, pepper and cumin powder.

Dahi Vada, also called Dahi Bhalla Chaat, is a delicious snack to have for the summer. It's a creamy, tangy and sweet delight.

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