7 Delicious traditional dishes from across India that you must try this Republic day

By: Chhaya Gupta | January 23, 2023

Gushtaba: is a Kashmiri Wazwan dish, known as the ‘Dish of the Kings’, made with freshly ground Keema which is a preparation of meatballs in a thick yogurt gravy


Faraa: also called Goojha is a steamed dumpling from Varanasi which is stuffed with lentils or dals

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Bajra Khichdi: It is a healthy porridge made with pearl millet and green lentils and is a winter delicacy mainly in Rajasthan and Haryana

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Raoh ki Kheer/ Ganne Ki Kheer or Rasawal: is a delicious dessert eaten on festivals and special occasions in North and Central India. It is made with rice cooked in sugarcane juice and topped with dry fruits


Pathiya Sekiya Kukkad: A chicken dish from Granthgarh village in Punjab, that has authentic garlic flavours and black peppercorns. The secret of its delicious taste lies as it is cooked over ‘pathiya’ or cowdung cakes. It is a forgotten dish of India

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Enduri Pitha: is a flavoured cake, from Odisha, prepared during the Prathamastami festival. A fermented batter of parboiled rice and black gram is applied onto a turmeric leaf, folded and steamed

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Masor Tenga: It is an Asssamese delicacy which is actually a fish curry that is cooked in a tomato gravy and authentic flavours


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