7 Best Places To Enjoy Outstanding Gol Gappe In Gwalior

By: Kajal Kumari | April 13, 2024

The crisp and crunch, the explosion of flavors and eagerly waiting for your turn on a street side... All of this makes us to have an inexplicable affection with Pani Puris, isn't it? Why not explore the best pani puri spots in Gwalior this time?

1. Bhagat Ji ki pani puri at Gole ka Mandir is the most favorite spot for the people to have tastiest and spiciest pani puri in Gwalior.

2. Next comes a street side stall near Shri Ram Mandir in Gwalior. Its gol gappe is very famous among youths.

3. Enough of bhaiyas and uncles serving pani puri . Let's try 'Aunty Pani Puri' near Kailsh Talkies. Aunty ji serves different flavored pani called as 'hara' and 'laal' pani.

4. Gungun Pani Puri at City Center of Gwalior is also one of the spots you can go to for having the best pani puris in the city.

5. You might have tasted 'Aata' and 'Rava' pani pauri, now how about trying 'Dal Wale Golgappe,' at Ram Mandir Square in the city?

6. Maharaja Dahi Vada Mandi also serves some great pani puri, do try!

7. Another chaupati you can head to this weekend is Phool Baag Chaupati for your favorite golgapppe.

Which spot do you want to hit first??

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