7 Best Picks From Indore's Chappan Dukaan You Cannot Miss!

By: Anamika Pathak | February 18, 2024

Indore and Indoreans are known for their unique taste buds. Here, we have brought you top 7 picks from the famous Chappan (56) food street market from the heart of the city.

1. Johny Hot Dog: Johny hot dog and Chappan Dukaan are almost synonymous to each other. Made in pure ghee and served with two chutneys, these hot dogs come in both veg and egg options.

2. Khopra Patties: A unique attraction of Indore street food, khopra patties is a potato snack that contains sweet and spicy filling of crushed coconut mixed with seasoning and spices.

3. Indori Poha Jalebi: You cannot miss poha jalebi once you set foot in Indore and absolutely not if you visit Chappan. Vijay Chaat House undoubtedly serves the best breakfast option, that is, poha jalebi.

4. Fried Crispy Chicken Roll: Chappan is a perfect destination for non-vegetarians as well. Finger-licking crispy fried chicken, veggies and mayo are a great combo and a must try option here.

5. Batla Kachori: Apart from Raj Kachori, Vijay Chaat House's batla (peas) kachori is a must try at Chappan. These kachoris are crispy, filled with a savoury mixture of crushed peas and unique spices.

6. Rabdi: When comes to sweets, popular outlet, Madhuram offers delicious Rabdi. Rich with flavours of jaggery, cardamom powder, saffron and garnished with dry fruits, this dessert is an absolute no-miss.

7: Shahi Rasmalai: Another top pick in desserts is Madhuram's Shahi or royal Rasmalai. When the spongy Chena bytes and the flavorsome milk full of dry fruits and essences melt in your mouth, you will realise that the dish does justice to its name.

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