5 Delicious Dishes You Must Try At Indore's Famous Sarafa Food Market

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 17, 2023

Indore's Sarafa Bazaar is a jewellery marketplace at daytime and converts itself into a street food court at night. Here are the top 5 picks from this unique food market.

1. Bhutte ka Kees: A delicious street food snack from Indore, this dish is prepared with fresh and tender sweet corn kernels that is first grated and then cooked with fragrant spices and herbs.

2. Coconut Crush: Made with coconut water and malai, coconut crush is served in various flavours like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry.

3. Shahi Paratha: As the name suggests, Shahi Paratha is 'shahi' in every way possible. Fully loaded with cheese, butter and lots of stuffing, this dish is both fulfilling and appetizing.

4. Pav Bhaji: A famous street food of Mumbai, Pav Bhaji in Sarafa Bazar has its own Indori touch. Consisting of a thick vegetable curry and served with a soft bread roll it is the go to meal for your mid night cravings.

5. Jalebi: Indoreans are known to invent there own recipe and this is evident from the 1 kg jalebi or rather 'jaleba' which you can find only in Sarafa market.

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