6 Ramadan special foods you can enjoy on Bhopal streets

By: Staff Reporter | April 07, 2023

Bhopal is an excellent example of 'Ganga Jamuna' culture where Hindus and Muslims live peacefully with each other. The streets here are as decked up on Ramadan as they are during Diwali. We bring you some tasty food items mostly enjoyed by Bhopalis during this holy month of Muslims.

1. Bakarkhani is a spiced flat-bread belonging to Mughlai platter. It is prepared on Muslim religious festivals like Ramadan and is now popular as sweet bread.

2. Rich in potassium, magnesium, these Iranian dates are a must-to-have during iftar.

3. Pheni is fried vermicelli and is a most common sight on Bhopal streets during Ramadan. People observing fast enjoy Pheni keer loaded with dry fruits during iftar.

4. Sheermal, in simple words means milk rubbed. Tasty...right! Hailing from Awadhi cusine, Sheermal now is enjoyed all over India. It is a fixed dish during Ramadan.

5. It's a freshly baked Naan, which is enjoyed with mostly spicy non-veg gravies

6. This is Bhopal's special Mixture, especially enjoyed during Ramadan season

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