5 Best Street Style Litti Chokha Places In Indore You Must Try

By: Kajal Kumari | February 25, 2024

Bihar's Litti-Chokha is becoming popular in Indore now-a-days. The streets-side snack is not just full of flavors but is a healthy and wholesome option. Check out our top picks!

Litti Chokha is usually served with - Pickels, Corriender Chutney, Tomato Chutney and salad. Also, extra Ghee is must for the dish.

Litti, is basically, a small baked ball of wheat which is stuffed with spicy Sattu (powdered Chana Daal). These balls are backed directly on fire. Once cooked, the litti is dipped in Ghee and and served.

Whereas, Chokha is a mashed mixture of baked Brinjals, Potatoes and Tomatoes. Ginger, Garlic, Green Chillies and Lemon Juice accentuates the taste of chokha.

1. One of the places in Indore where you can find Litti Chokha is YN road, Infront of SBI Bank.

2. Another one is Outside of Shoppers Stop, AB road which remains crowded with people specially during the night.

3. 200 meters right from Hotel Shreemaya, AB Road is also one of the options.

4. One of the most famous spot is Litti Chokha stall at Meghdoot Chaupati. (You can finf 3...4 stalls at Meghdoot chaupati)

5. And last but not the least is the stall in front of SGSITS, Visvesvaraya Marg

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