15-Minute Easy Ab Workout To Do Home

By: Rahul M | July 09, 2024

Many of us dream of having a good physique and abs. However, it can be challenging and requires daily dedication to achieve it. For this, you need to perform an intense ab workout. Front Plank exercise is ideal for abs and obliques

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Side plank is a different variation of plank that provides additional benefits and helps you to achieve abs.

Bicycle Crunch is one of the most effective exercises for abs as it tones your entire core at once

This sit-down exercise must be part of your ab workout routine. Russian Twits uses your abdominals to twist to the right and left, intensifying your core strength

Next on the list is Crunch, known as a great exercise for building six-packs. Crunch focus on the abdominal muscles, tightening the belly and providing defined abs

Mountain Climber focuses on your core muscles, which makes it ideal for losing belly fat and defining abs.

Lastly, Hollow Hold is a body weight and core exercise that targets your core muscles of the stomach, pelvis, hips and lower back.

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15-Minute Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat At Home

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