11 ways to place Buddha in your home according to Vastu to bring prosperity and harmony

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 05, 2022

Sleeping Buddha for Harmony: Shakyamuni, or Nirvana Buddha represents the moment of liberation from infinite rebirth cycles. For relationship harmony, place this figure as the focal point of your living room or patio.

Dhyaan Buddha for Attention Deficiencies: A portable water fountain and a Dhyaan (meditation) Buddha placed in the northeastern corner of a house stimulate laser-sharp focus and mental alertness.

Enhance wisdom and problem resolving with the Bhumisparsh Buddha: This Buddha symbolises everlasting wisdom and a methodical way of thinking.

Buddha as a Guardian Offering Protection: A hand raised in defence against harm or the evil eye can be used to identify this avatar. Set this form in front of the entrance to fend off potential malcontents.

Healing aura provided by Medicine Buddha: To ask for blessings for good health or as an anodyne to a sickness, position him in the north or northeast of your house, or alternatively, in any bright, sunny room.

Vitarka Buddha to Ace Exams: This Buddha shares attributes with Saraswati. It should be placed in the study, in a library, or on an office desk facing east in order to achieve academic excellence.

Head of Buddha for managing mental health and ailments. It should be located in the north or east because those are the directions linked to the mind.

Wooden Buddha for prosperity and material comfort: If you want wealth, prosperity, and financial soundness, position a wooden Buddha statue in the southeast.

Baby Buddhas for enhancing fertility: A couple that wishes to enter baby bliss can place a set of Baby Monk Buddhas in their room to enhance the aura of fertility and good vibes.

Businessman Buddha: Place the Buddha at eye level or higher whenever possible in the workplace. The statue should never face the door, but should always face the office's interior. Never set it down on a red carpet, and always place it in the east or northeast, suggests Nitin Goel Founder of Exotic India Art

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